Group Art Therapy-Coming Soon! Watch This Space

Our Group Art Therapy sessions are coming soon, bringing inspiration and community spirit your way. Stay tuned for a vivid journey!

Recreational Tools-Coming Soon! Get Ready To Find Your Calm!

We’re bringing you a thoughtfully curated selection of calming sensory jars, fidget spinners, comforting cuddle toys, weighted blankets, and more.

Innovative Community Participation

At Lady Bumble Bee Art, we passionately believe in the transformative power of community connection for our NDIS participants. Embracing heartwarming experiences, such as engaging in social clubs, creative workshops, peer support programs and contributing to volunteer services, we create meaningful moments. Our dedication ensures that these NDIS-supported community participation programs enrich your life, encouraging deep connections and personal growth.

Group And Centre-Based Activities

Our art therapy sessions provide a nurturing space for creative expression and the exploration of artistic talents. Similarly, our sessions for music and sensory experiences take a therapeutic approach, creating connections and uplifting spirits. We curate a variety of recreational group activities such as art, cooking, music, and gardening, enhancing your overall well-being and encouraging social interactions.

Participation In Community, Social & Civic Activities

We're here to guide you in experiencing the joy of social outings, exploring hobby groups and fostering connections through engaging in community, social, recreational, and economic activities in NSW. We understand regular outings contribute to physical well-being and present opportunities for you to engage with the community actively. At every step, we're dedicated to helping you express your creativity and forge meaningful social connections that resonate beyond the canvas.

Creating Serene Spaces

At Lady Bumble Bee Art, we understand the importance of providing serene and sensory-rich environments for individuals with disabilities, mental health challenges, or older adults. Our service is dedicated to crafting calm sensory spaces tailored to the unique needs of NDIS participants. From tranquil garden areas to thoughtfully designed indoor spaces, we create environments that promote calmness, engagement, and well-being. Through our holistic approach, we aim to enhance the sensory experiences for you.

We Are Here For You

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