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What NDIS services do you provide?

As an NDIS service provider in Central Coast, NSW, we provide various services for many participants. Our support services are personalised for your needs and provided by qualified support workers.

Our NDIS services include the following:

  • Innovative Community Participation 
  • Participation in Community, Social & Civic Activities 
  • Group and Centre-Based Activities 
  • Creating Serene Spaces 

Our staff members bring a decade of experience in the community sector, covering diverse areas such as mental health, domestic and family violence, foster care, community support, skill-based learning, guidance, routine development, meal planning, budgeting, and cooking.

We adapt to your needs and preferences. Please reach out to us for a thorough conversation about your specific requirements.

Please connect with us by Call : 0486 050 323 or Email us at: info@ladybumblebeeart.com.au

Our service fees are determined based on individual requirements and specific support needs, with a commitment to providing competitive and transparent pricing.

You don’t have to be part of NDIS to use our service.

Yes, fees vary based on location, and a customised quote will be provided.

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